We publish unique colouring books to which we devote maximum care and love from the first sketch to the final printed book.

All our books are printed in the centre of Europe, in the Czech Republic.

The priority of our publishing company is to make books with maximum stress on the quality of material and processing.

For this reason we publish our books in limited editions in order to maintain the high quality in all aspects.

It is not our goal to make books for massive production.

Our unique books are made for unique colourists.

The colouring books we publish are properly registered in the Czech Republic (Národní agentura ISBN- National Agency ISBN, Národní Knihovna České Republiky - National Library of the Czech Republic)

Publishing Company of Klara Markova is the exclusive owner of the copyright.


Sales Manager
Holusa Jiri


Honza Kadlec
Anicka Tylsar
Klara Markova




Our published books:

Fairy Miracles